We bring together developers, funders and investors in large scale infrastructure and energy projects - and represent them,
as the case may be. 

We develop and realise our own projects in the renewable energy sector. 

We advise clients in corporate finance structures and project finance asset financing. 



Our cross Israeli-European footprint is a bridge between markets similar in abundance of capital resources and investment opportunities but astonishingly disconnected.     

Financial institutions are in constant need to deploy funds in accordance with their specific risk appetite, return expectations and other investment  criteria. Understanding this part of the equation allows Indigo to identify opportunities for investors and accordingly raising funds at project and corporate level, whether as equity, mezzanine, senior debt or hybrid facilities to industrial clients - from Europe to Israel and vice-versa. 

Indigo provides a platform to actively manage transactions on behalf of institutional and other investors, supported by its permanent establishment in Tel Aviv and Frankfurt.  



Together with our partners we identify renewable energy projects in the solar, wind and storage sectors at or prior to "ready-to-build"-stage ("RTB"). We assume an interface role among technical, commercial and financial aspects. We develop an investment and, if applicable,  divestment strategy, optimize the funding in line with the short- and long-term requirements of the sponsor's group, and develop and negotiate key project agreements. This includes, construction and operation contracts, insurance program and, in line with the power off-take strategy, power purchase and commercialization agreements. Following financial close, we support the commercial management of the projects during construction and operation phases, with a focus on managing the relationship to third party lenders and investors. 

Together with our partners we are currently developing a pipeline of around 1,000 MW of wind and solar projects, mainly in Spain, Italy and Chile.



20 years of  experience in project development and financing has fit out our professional toolbox. Whether a quick fix or a major overhaul to our clients' financial structure,  establishing a commercial concept from scratch or advising on refinancing opportunities - we look at our clients as long term partners beyond the single transaction.  

In our role as advisors we have structured the financing of multiple power generation transactions, supported clients to reduce complexity and improving efficiency of their corporate funding concepts, supported the successful IPO process of a renewable energy developer, advised on a real-estate sales process, among others.  

The common denominator of all our activities is the ability to bring  European capital to Israeli transactions and vice-versa, accompanying  Israeli clients into European transactions.